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Nepal is a land locked country. Although small,

Nepal is a land locked country. Although small, the country attracts huge amount of tourists every year. Tourism is the main foreign currency earning sector of Nepal. Below is given ten reasons why you should visit Nepal:

1) Out of the ten highest mountains of the world, seven is situated in Nepal.

2) Nepal is rich in natural diversity. The total land area of Nepal is 147,181square kilometer. There are flat lands, hilly regions and mountains. Not many small countries offer such diverse landscape. On the north there are the Himalyas, on the south flat lands with greeneries, and in between are the hilly regions.

3) If you are looking for adventure then Nepal has got just the right thing for you. For example, you can do mountain trekking and biking, paragliding, ultra light flights, bungee jumping, rock climbing, adventure treks, caving, canyon swings, Himalayan motorcycle tours and so on. Rafting in the Trisuli, the Kali Gandaki, and the Marsyangdi rivers is not a child’s play.

4) If you enjoy watching wild life and flora and fauna then Nepal has ten national parks. It has also resorts situated in the forest. The one horned rhino and great Royal Bengal Tigers are found in Nepal.

5) If you are a traveler looking for enlightenment and spiritualism then you can visit the Buddhist monasteries and blessed by the monks. Buddhism and Hinduism are the two main religions of Nepal. You can visit Lumbini, which is the birth place of Lord Buddha.

6) Nepal has all the facilities for Western travelers. In the capital of Kathmandu, there are bars, taverns, nightclubs and various other attractions. In addition, various international festivals are also held in Nepal.

7) Golfing is another great attraction of Nepal. Most of the golf courses are situated by the hill side in Kathmandu and Pokhara valleys. These golf courses are designed in European and American style.

8) All kinds of hotels, from one start to five stars are available in Nepal. If you are thinking about travel expense, then you do not need to worry at all. Nepal tourism has facilities for all kinds of people. You can go to Hotel Nepal.com for detail information.

9) Nepalist tourism agencies provide various kinds of tourism for couples and families and for individual travelers.

10) Last but not the least, shopping in Nepal can be fun. There are many tourist shops in Kathmandu where one can find jewelries, handmade or painted pictures and a wide range of handicrafts. In addition, there are village shops where you can find various products made by local craftsmen.


Rajesh-Hamal keen interest on the media sector of Nepal. We are proud to present a one stop place to find info and pics of Rajesh Hamal.

Rajesh Hamal, the great Nepalese actor can be taken as the one and only professional actor in the Nepalese Movie Industry, KolyWood. He's the one who's injected professionalism in KolyWood. Yeah some of you may argue there's Bhuvan K.C, Nikhil Uprety and blah blah. But with our due respect for other actors and actresses, we at Rajesh-Hamal.blogspot.com think that KolyWood is really a one man show. If any other actors feel offended after reading this, please don't be, but we can't help it, it's a FACT.

Rajesh Hamal is an immensely popular film personality in Nepal, yet, there's not a single website or a blog to exclusively talk about this great actor. Had he been an actor from India or the US, there would have been thousands of websites or blogs on the Internet about him, but for this amazingly talented actor from Nepal, there are no blogs, websites or fan clubs that can be found on the internet.

We would like to pay our respect for Rajesh Hamal, the great Nepali Actor and above all to a Great Human being with this blog. We hope to gather contents to write about him from all sectors and we hope that his fans can and will help us on this one. If you have anything, a picture, an article, or any other stuffs related to this great man, do share with us and we would be happy to showcase it in this blog. Due credit will be given to the submitter.

We hope people will enjoy reading this blog and participate with us to make Rajesh Hamal popular on the Internet as well.

In this post, we will be talking about Arunima Lamsal. This gorgeous Nepali film actress started her career in the Nepali Movie Industry about 8 years back with the movie “Estai Rahecha Jindagi” and since then, she’s acted in over 30 Nepali movies.She has also acted in some Nepali music videos - Nischal Shrestha(Metal Cross), Ufaan, Special Asar, and Sadikshya are the ones that we remember. There’s nothing much about Nepali Films that pulls audiences towards it. But when it comes to movies of Arunima Lamsal, a lot of people throng to the cinema halls. It’s pretty apparent that people go to watch Arunima Lamsal’s movies because she has got the factor that pulls the audiences. She’s hot, sexy, beautiful and i am darn sure that her sight in the movie screen is what people pay for rather than the movie. And why wouldn’t they? Arunima Lamsal is one of the very few beautiful ladies seen on the silver screen of Nepali Movies.

Arunima Lamsal is now 28, yet gorgeous, hails from New Baneswor, Kathmandu and is 5’ 5” tall. She did her schooling from E.P.S and we know this because one of the bloggers from our Network was on the same school with her. But as our colleague was junior to her, we cannot present any more info about her school life other than the name of her school.

Here’re some pictures and videos of Arunima Lamsal that we have collected from the Internet that do not seem to violate copyright law:

In our last post, we talked about the gorgeous Arunima Lamsal. This time, it’s Rekha Thapa’s turn. Very few people know that this bold beauty was one of the top 10 finalists in the Miss Nepal 1998 beauty pageant. She was not crowned the Miss Nepal then but after 2 years of being spotted in the Miss Nepal Stage, Rekha Thapa signed her first movie deal and since then, there has been no looking back for the sexy Rekha Thapa. The name of her first movie was “Hero” and she has acted in over 90 Nepali movies in her 9 year long career since her first movie and we are sure, there are many more to come.

Rekha Thapa is obviously beautiful. But the reason for her still having a huge fan following after a 9 year long career, when most of the beauties simply fade away or are rejected by the mass cannot be simply her beauty. Critics say that other than being beautiful and married to an influential movie director of the Nepalese movie industry, Mr. Chhavi Ojha, Rekha has been managing to stand tall in the competitive Nepalese industry which is known to be very harsh for the female actresses through her erotic postures and sexy scenes in her movies. That’s what the critics say. We don’t give a damn. We love Rekha for being bold and doing what she’s doing.

Some of the her popular movies that helped to establish her as an actress and a sex icon here in the Nepali movie industry are:

Hero, Mitini, Ajambari Nata. Himmat, Kismat.

Rekha recently came in the news for her inclination towards the Maoists. Having a political view is absolutely fine, but we don’t know what made her incline to the Maoists. But hey, everyone has the right to keep a view! I personally have heard a lot of bad things for her inclining towards the Maoists. We want to know your views on this. Please leave us a comment.

We wrote about Rekha Thapa in our last post. This time we are writing about another beautiful Nepal girl, the winner of the recent Miss Nepal 2009 competition, Miss Zenisha Moktan. Zenisha Moktan was crowned Miss Nepal on 24th September, 2009 at age 20. After that, she represented Nepal in the Miss World 2009 beauty pageant. Although she wasn’t able to do anything noteworthy at the Miss World pageant (which is absolutely fine given the previous records of other Miss Nepals), she is rather gaining big popularity back home in Nepal since she bagged the Miss Nepal title. “I’m speechless. I can’t believe this. God! I’m Miss Nepal 2009. My dream has come true”. This is what Zenisha Moktan said after she was crowned Miss Nepal. Certainly her dream came true that night as she beat 14 participants and stood tall in the competition.

Physical Attributes:

Height : 5 Feet 6 Inches
Weight : 54 KG
Chest : 33 Inches
Waist : 25 Inches
Hips : 38 Inches
Skin Color: Wheatish
Eye Color : Black
Hair Color: Black

She used to appear in the comedy serial “Gharpeti Ba” of Kantipur Television and she had acted in some music videos before she got hold of the Miss Nepal title. One of her very popular music video is “Mai Thuli Bhai Chu Re”. This video was directed by Bhushan Dahal and it served as an entry for Zenisha Moktan to the entertainment industry.

Zenisha Moktan stands tall at 5’ 6” and she’s studying BBA right now. This sexy chic is very passionate about taking her own pictures and she says she does not love anything or anyone else more than she loves herself. When she gave an interview to a popular entertainment site enasha.com, this is what she had to say about herself:

oh im so typically zenisha!!! i havent found the right words to describe myself till date!!! but if i give it a shot...muss be...im quite happy in my own skin, i love my friends and family to death...im a very social person!!! im a complete foodie and the laziest person ever...i dont know how to cook and make my bed myself till now but i master in watching movies and reading bollywood gossip!!! well im a gossip queen...personal. local, national and international!!! dud dud!! i like to be my class' first student or else im quite laid back....ooofff...i dunno how to describe myself...lets leave it here!!!

Recently she came into news because of her fake sex tape. Apparently, the video is of a Zenisha Moktan look alike but the video circled in Nepal like hot cake via MMS and the internet. We feel that such kind of thing should never have happened as the video was fake in the first place. Character Assassination at its peak!

We have collected some pictures and videos of Zenisha Moktan from the internet for you to enjoy.

the super sexy Pooja Lama

In our last article, we wrote about Zenisha Moktan. This time we are writing about the super sexy Pooja Lama. There are very few models in Nepal who can carry an attitude like she does. Pooja Lama is smoking hot and we bet, her sight would surely make all men drool. She is high on looks, has a curvy body, super gorgeous skin and looks good on almost everything she wears on that sexy body.

Pooja Lama married Shishir Sangtang who is a DJ by profession after their sex tape became public on the internet. It is rumored that Pooja Lama hurried into the marriage with Shishir Sangtang after her sex video came out so as to avert Narmrata like fate. Google search results for Pooja Lama is all filled up with links to her sex video, which is not a good news for Pooja Lama but she seems least bothered about it and is moving on with her life normally. Stars do prefer popularity whether it’s positive or negative, don’t they?

Pooja Lama was earlier a divorcee. Her first marriage was with Biraj Lopchan and she had a son with him. After that, she fell in love with the popular Television celebrity Dinesh D.C. When Dinesh D.C. refused to marry her, she tried to commit suicide. After all those bumps in her love life, we hope she will finally have a happy and smooth married life.

Pooja Lama is originally from Darjeeling. She came to Kathmandu for a holiday but started working in a Travel Agency. Later, when she saw pictures of glamorous girls on Saptahik magazine, she became interested in modeling. She took a 3 months course on modeling from a modeling agency called “The Ramp” and won a super model award. Since then, there has been no looking back for her. She then shot up to fame as she bagged one offer after another. She is a model, an actor and a singer. She has been featured in numerous visual as well as poster advertisements and she has appeared in music videos and movies as well.

There’s no denial to the fact that Pooja Lama is a super sexy Nepali goddess. We love her for her vivacious attitude and those curves on her body which boogey to the tunes of music videos.

Here’re some pictures and videos of Pooja Lama for you to enjoy.

Namrata Shrestha is the name that was on everyone’s lips in Nepal

Namrata Shrestha is the name that was on everyone’s lips in Nepal a few months back because of her leaked sex tape with DJ Tantrik. She is someone who deserves to be popular in a good way to the very extent she was notoriously popular after her sex tape leaked, but fortune wanted it to be the other way round. Anyways, everyone has sex, it’s a need. Having sex is in fact not bad. It’s actually good, keeps you in shape and makes you more prepared for the next time :-). Having said that, making a tape while you do it is obviously super bad as the Namrata sex tape scandal has proved it to be.

Today we will be giving you a few facts about the super hot and sexy Nepali actress and model Namrata Shrestha.

Here’re some quick facts about Namrata Shrestha:

Height : 156 cm
Weight : 42 kgs
Nick Name : Neroo
Birthdate : 14 June, 1986
Birthplace : Dharan
Zodiac Sign : Gemini
Education : +2
Vital Stats : 32' 24' 34'
Skin Color : Fair
Eye Color : Brown
Hair Color : Brown
Marital Status : Single

Yes, she’s a bit on the shorter side, is petite but let us tell you this, she has got looks to kill.
Namrata Shrestha has appeared in numerous music videos, a few movies, tv advertisements and fashion shows. She is mostly known for her roles in the Nepali movies “Sano Sansar” and “Mero Euta Sathi Cha”. Some notable music videos that Namrata has done are:

Aakha Ma Lukauki, Singer: Pramod Upadhaya
Ko Hola, Singer: Mamata
Timilai Herne, Singer: Iris
Suneko Kura, Singer: Seasons Band
Timro Nam Timi Bina, Singer: Sabin Rai
Nai Nai, Singer: Kedar Shrestha
Timilay Diyeko, Singer: Karna Das

She hails from Dharan. She finished her higher secondary education from Kathmandu Institute of Science & Technology (KIST). Right now, she’s doing her bachelors in Mass Communication. She started her modeling career in 1997 and after struggling for some time, there has been no looking back for her. She has established herself as a talented model as well as a very saleable actress in the Nepali Entertainment industry in not a very long time. She has been associated with some pretty big brands, one of them being Springwood, the top clothing line in Nepal. She has also worked as a RJ for a FM in Nepal. What more can one wish for at such a small age? So much exposure at such a young age! (we meant it in a good way)

Everything was going really well for this petite hottie until her sex tape with the ugly DJ Tantrik (yes, that guy’s super ugly) came out. It was rumored that she and a pretty hot Nepali male model were going along together. Namrata once said in an interview with a popular entertainment site enasha.com that she wants her life partner to be a virgin. It seems that her perception has changed or should we take it as she never said she would stay a virgin for her partner, so it’s fair! We are no way saying that having sex with someone you want to is bad. We are just pointing out the fact that Namrata is a hypocrite!

We have collected some pictures and videos of Namrata Shrestha from the Internet for you to enjoy.

2007 Miss Teen Nepal winner Ayusha Karki. In the

This time, we are posting about the 2007 Miss Teen Nepal winner Ayusha Karki. In the

same year, she also went on to win the Health Care Management International World Miss University Nepal 2007 contest. However, the latter contest was a rather controversial one with the second runner up of the contest, Miss Khusboo Oli, ( also the winner of Miss Teen Nepal 2006 ) accusing Ayusha Karki of buying the title. Khusboo Oli seemed to have a valid point to place accusations against Ayusha Karki at that time as Ayusha Karki's answer in the question and answer round in the contest sounded all precomposed. However, nothing was done and Ayusha Karki won the title that year and then went on to compete at Miss World University held at South Korea, in which she could of course do nothing! She also took part in the 2009 Miss Nepal contest and was able to bag the Miss Photogenic and the Miss Best Complexion Title. However bumpy might be her ride in the entertainment industry, we love Ayusha Karki for her beautiful face, sexy body and that witty attitude.

When she won the Miss Teen Nepal contest, she was doing her intermediate. At that time she told in an interview that she wished to go to the United States after completing her intermediate. But looks like her plan has changed now. And why won't her plans change as she is selling like crazy in the Nepali entertainment industry. She has appeared in several Music Videos, ran a program on TV for students aspiring to go abroad, walked the ramp numerous times and have been featured in the cover pages of numerous magazines. All these has made her super popular here in Nepal. Who would want to leave the hype and lead a solitary life in the United States?

This sexy beauty who takes her inspiration for Ruby Rana says music is her favorite pastime. Her favorite artist is Shakira and her favorite band is Simple Plan. Being a daughter of a national level badminton player, Mr, Keshav Jung Karki, she's inclined to sports and loves swimming.

In the latest turn of events, Ayusha Karki has said that she wants to leave her modeling career to be a real estate agent. The 18 year old took the decision as she felt there was a lucrative career for her in the Real Estate Business. Real Estate prices may be going down across the recession hit West but in Kathmandu they are booming as people flee the impoverished and increasingly lawless countryside for the relative safety of the city. She’s taking up the job for Shangrila Housing Company!

We have collected some pictures of Miss Ayusha Karki from the internet. Now she’s leaving her modeling career, you might not see her posing in front of the camera anymore. We hope you would like them.

Sanchita Luitel, the busty fair actress of the Nepali Movie

Sanchita Luitel, the busty fair actress of the Nepali Movie Industry with bright big eyes is regarded as the one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in Kolywood, the Nepalese Movie Industry. She’s amazingly beautiful, yet very modest. She started acting at the age of 18 in 2058 B.S. and since then there has been no looking back for this fair beauty in Kolywood. She has a huge fan following largely due to her one of a kind looks and her undisputed acting capabilities.

The name of her first movie was Apsara. Since then, she has acted in tons of Nepali movies co-starring with almost all top hunks in Kolywood. Some of her other notable movies are: Ama, Unko Samjhana, Bhagya Bidhata, Prem Yuddha, Yuddha, Ashirwad, Ama ko Ashirwad, Bhagya le Jurayo, Bhannai Sakina, Binti Patra, Chattan, Chor Sipahi, Don, Maya Namara, Maryadha, Majhi Dai, Papi Manche, Raghu Veer, Saput! Phew, that’s a lot of movies!

Sachita Luitel is well educated. She has a Masters Degree in Arts and she enjoys doing Yoga. In a recent interview, Sanchita called upon all the Nepalese living abroad to come back and build Nepal. A great nationalist thought indeed!

Sanchita Luitel recently created big buzz in the Nepalese Movie industry after her alleged link up with Nikhil Upreti. Both Sanchita Luitel and Nikhil Upreti had gone to India and it was rumored that they got married. They left for India putting all the movies they were acting back here in Nepal in limbo. One of the directors, Madan Ghimire who was working with Nikhil Upreti had to shift the dubbing to India because Nikhil was reluctant to come back to Nepal any time soon then. However, official Mrs. Nihik Upreti, Mrs. Kopila Upreti says she has full faith in the husband and the duo is not married. May be it’s just a publicity stunt. What goes on in the Entertainment Industry is almost always fake!

We have collected some pictures and videos of Sanchita Luitel from the Internet. We hope you would like them

Pictures of Priyanka Karki:

She might well be called the Priyanka Chopra of Nepal. She is tall, bold and beautiful. She’s the lovely Priyanka Karki who ruled the Nepalese modeling industry for two years before finally leaving for the United States for her higher studies. This dusky beauty literally captured the whole Nepalese modeling industry when she was in Nepal with her appearing in more than 50% of music videos made back then. Every other artist wanted to take her in their music videos and why not, Priyanka with her beautiful smile and elegant style made it all look so effortless in the music videos. She was the undisputed queen lady model before she finally decided to take off to the USA for her higher studies.

Now time to drop the bomb. This beauty is already married. Sad but true! After a few months after flying to the States, she fell in love with her fellow college mate, a Nepalese guy named Rochak Mainali and they decided to tie the knots. Rochak must be be feeling like a King and must be very happy being engaged to this beautiful queen. We don’t know what hurried her into marriage at a tender age of 22, however Rochak must have wanted it to be ASAP after he fell in love with her for obvious reasons. We wish the couple a very bright future and a happy married life.! Here’re some pictures of Priyanka with her man:

Priyanka Karki’s Marriage Picture:

Priyanka Karki started her modeling career in 2004. She won the coveted Miss Teen Nepal 2005 contest and since then there has been no looking back for her. She has acted in tons of advertisements and music videos and walked the ramp hundred times since then. Here are some stats about Priyanka Karki that might interest you:

Nick Name : PK, Rose
Birthdate : 27th Feb. 1987
Birthplace : Kathmandu
Star Sign : Pisces
Vital Stats : 32” 26” 34”
Height : 5'6”
Weight : 50Kg

Her hobbies include dancing, swimming and coin collection. Her fantasy is to meet Shaq O’ Neal. She must have already done that after going to the United states. Her favorite female model is Cindy Crawford. Her favorite movie stars are Josh Harnett, Angelina Jolie, Sushmita Sen and Rani Mukherjee. She loves to listen to Green Day, 3 Doors Down, The Shadows, Axix, NSK, The Uglyz, MadZone whenever she feels like listening to music.

Interestingly, she says, her nails are her biggest assets along with her smile. Nails?? We think there are other assets on that carved body of hers more precious than her nails. What say? :-)

We have collected some pictures and videos of Priyanka Karki from the internet for you to enjoy. We hope you like them.

Pictures of Priyanka Karki:

Pallavi Dhakal who wowed the audiences as a televisio

The hot Dhakal sisters are all over now-a-days. Pallavi Dhakal who wowed the audiences as a television anchor had her sis following on her foot steps. Pallavi worked exclusively for Image Channel and ran various popular shows like Got the Guts, Party Central, South Asian Star, Mega Model and Music of your Choice. Her younger sister Manavi is working as a VJ for Kantipur Television and a RJ for Kantipur FM. Manavi’s most notable appearance has to be as a co-host with Suraj Singh Thakuri in Kantipur’s evergreen show – Call Kantipur. These Dhakal sisters are very well known inside the Kathmandu Entertainment circuit at the moment.

Here are some stats of Pallavi and Manavi Dhakal.

Pallavi Dhakal:

Pet Name: Pallu

Height: 5’ 9”

Education: Graduate in Social Work

Sun Sign: Virgo

Manavi Dhakal:

Height: 5’ 4”

Education: Bachelors in Social Work

Both of them are hot and elegant, carry professionalism and can make any man go weak on his knees. We cannot decide who’s hotter or more popular. However, we can say one thing, Pallavi is certainly taller. You don’t encounter a 5’9” girl in Nepal that often. And that also a 5’9” girl who is as beautiful as Pallavi. Very rarely!

These talented VJ sisters live in New Baneswor. Both studied the same subjects, Social Work and both want to work with United Nations in the future. Pallavi is already in her way to working for humanitarian organizations as she recently resigned from Image channel to work for the renowned INGO, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). She has been appointed as Communication Officer at ICRC. Image channel must be having a hard time coping with the departure of their hinge-women.

Manavi also participated in the Miss Nepal 2007 Contest. She’s sweet, chubby and she is as famous for her beautiful face as for her debonair persona. Kantipur TV helped her reach new heights of popularity as she got to co-host one of the premium programs on KTV, Call Kantipur.

असार १५ - फोटो फिचर

चाटो यार उसले त मलाई कसले dela चाटना


चाट मोरा चाट


पुती सुगी यार कटी मिठो बसना

लौ न पुती बसना हराrअर


बंगाली हों यार तारा राम्री छ


मुत्नु मुती यार कस्तो सरो पारो होला


हटाई हेलो यार कतरों चै त

मुत्नु मुती यार कस्तो सरो पारो होला


अबा यो केस नै तनेरा चिकने भयो



लौ न कटी राम्रो यार २०११ मॉडल

लौ न नि के धेख्नु परे को यो संसार माँ जापान माँ पनि गोरी ली चिकना पौदा माँ त दंगे परे यार