Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the super sexy Pooja Lama

In our last article, we wrote about Zenisha Moktan. This time we are writing about the super sexy Pooja Lama. There are very few models in Nepal who can carry an attitude like she does. Pooja Lama is smoking hot and we bet, her sight would surely make all men drool. She is high on looks, has a curvy body, super gorgeous skin and looks good on almost everything she wears on that sexy body.

Pooja Lama married Shishir Sangtang who is a DJ by profession after their sex tape became public on the internet. It is rumored that Pooja Lama hurried into the marriage with Shishir Sangtang after her sex video came out so as to avert Narmrata like fate. Google search results for Pooja Lama is all filled up with links to her sex video, which is not a good news for Pooja Lama but she seems least bothered about it and is moving on with her life normally. Stars do prefer popularity whether it’s positive or negative, don’t they?

Pooja Lama was earlier a divorcee. Her first marriage was with Biraj Lopchan and she had a son with him. After that, she fell in love with the popular Television celebrity Dinesh D.C. When Dinesh D.C. refused to marry her, she tried to commit suicide. After all those bumps in her love life, we hope she will finally have a happy and smooth married life.

Pooja Lama is originally from Darjeeling. She came to Kathmandu for a holiday but started working in a Travel Agency. Later, when she saw pictures of glamorous girls on Saptahik magazine, she became interested in modeling. She took a 3 months course on modeling from a modeling agency called “The Ramp” and won a super model award. Since then, there has been no looking back for her. She then shot up to fame as she bagged one offer after another. She is a model, an actor and a singer. She has been featured in numerous visual as well as poster advertisements and she has appeared in music videos and movies as well.

There’s no denial to the fact that Pooja Lama is a super sexy Nepali goddess. We love her for her vivacious attitude and those curves on her body which boogey to the tunes of music videos.

Here’re some pictures and videos of Pooja Lama for you to enjoy.

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